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Ready to hit the ground running with your annual planning? If not, don’t worry. Julio Martínez and Glenn Hopper will give you all the insights your finance team needs to be quick off the mark in September.


Join them for a live discussion and Q&A focused on:

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How to leverage your H2’24 reforecast in 2025

Maximize the insights from your H2’24 reforecast to guide strategic planning, identify growth opportunities, and mitigate risks in 2025

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Flexible models to anchor your process around

Build models that flex to market changes and internal shifts, setting your team up for success this budget season and beyond

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Budgeting approaches and tools that can help

Explore and compare the latest tools and techniques to streamline your budgeting process, improve accuracy, and enhance strategic decision-making

Meet the speakers:

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Glenn Hopper

Head of AI Research & Development at Eventus Advisory Group

Glenn Hopper, author of the Amazon best-selling book Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age, is a pioneering thought leader focused on the intersection of artificial intelligence and corporate finance. Glenn is the Head of AI Research and Development at Eventus Advisory Group, where he leads the development of AI-powered solutions for the finance and accounting sectors.

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Julio Martínez

Co-founder & CEO at Abacum

Julio is the Co-Founder and CEO of Abacum, the Automated FP&A platform for leading Finance teams. He was previously the Co-Founder and CEO of Innocells, where he launched four fintech startups to market, and former investment banker at Citigroup in the US, Switzerland, and Brazil.