The 5 Roles of the Modern CFO

Much more is expected from today’s finance leaders to meet the needs of the organization and pressures of a volatile market.

This infographic highlights five roles that CFOs of growing companies are extracting out of themselves, to meet this demand.

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How does one become a Gen A CFO?

Although it comes with years of training and a gaining of perspectives of the global economy, to become a CFO in today’s demanding workplace requires juggling several roles, some very new to the position.

Why is that? The complexity of many scaling businesses requires more acumen to drive it in the right direction. The CFO - and the finance function as a whole - is no longer seen as simply a support function, but rather the ones who will bring forward this wisdom.

To do this, the modern CFO must be active in his pursuit to draw out five specific roles that will turn him into a strategic master.

Download the infographic to discover the five roles.