Financial planning for the Gen A CFO

The strategic finance software for a new wave of finance leaders. Drive transformational initiatives, influence business decisions and make an impact, all from one platform.

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Used by Gen A CFOs of leading companies
100% accuracy

Data you can trust for company and
investor reporting

5+ days

Monthly manual work eliminated

1 platform

A single source of truth to collaborate
with stakeholders

All the features the Gen A CFO needs to make an impact

Revenue forecasting

Understand you key business levers, create assumptions and define dynamic variables

Forecast your top line from the ground up to generate predictable business outcomes


Shorten your planning cycle and spend more time on strategic conversations

Encourage collaborative decision-making with permissions, statuses, tasks and approvals

Spend tracking

Stay on top of company expenses by tracking and planning across departments and types

Create spend models based on your chosen dimensions

Scenario modeling

Create and play around with different scenarios to always stay one step ahead

Employ multi-dimensional modeling to explore the business impact of any variable

Management Reporting

Automatically consolidate your financial and operational metrics in a single place

Save time with templates, create charts & tables and publish share-ready reports

Workforce Planning

Understand the impact of past, present and future headcount decisions

Plan for payroll changes, taxes and employee benefits through workflows and approvals

Finance at the heart of all teams & projects

The Gen A CFO influences and transforms by having finance embedded across functions

Working and collaborating with your stakeholders in one single platform keeps you cognizant of all moving parts so that you can offer insights that make an impact.

Influence decisions with confidence & gusto

The Gen A CFO should feel 100% about the feedback and guidance they bring to their fellow executives

Abacum is the solution that lets you have up-to-date data, all the time. Derive insights on-the-go, get the inputs you need, then transmit that feedback needed for key decisions.

Testimonials from our Gen A customers

“Abacum has helped us make faster & smarter decisions on a company-wide level because our forecasting is more powerful.”

Xavier Castellana

CFO, Typeform

“With Abacum, I have all the tools I need to answer questions that would go unexplored before.”

Pieter Hugo

Revenue Manager, Yoco

“The onboarding process with Abacum was fast and efficient. I use the platform for our month-end reporting, freeing up a lot of time from manual work.”

Ryan Powers

SVP Finance, Business Operations