Building a Strategic Finance Function for the Future

Creating a scalable strategic finance function begins at hiring. Something Stacey, Head of Finance of Curated, knows well about. Hear her discuss how she envisions the role and impact of strategic finance on the company.

About the webinar:

Stacey Zhou, Head of Finance at Curated, sits with Abacum's Julie Jin to discuss how she is building out her strategic finance team. In today's economic environment, where preparedness for any situation is crucial, the strategic finance function has swiftly taken on a more vital role.

Stacey and Julie tackle this alongside other in-demand topics that any growing company faces. From the qualities she is looking for in hiring candidates, the intended impact the strategic finance unit can have on the rest of the organization, to how it is intertwined with the role of BizOps in most modern scaling companies.

It's a conversation you don't want to miss!

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