How Typeform saved 50% of time with FP&A software

Typeform's finance team used Abacum's FP&A software to save 2 weeks of manual tasks monthly & drive faster insights to their business partners.

How Typeform Saved 50% of Time with FP&A Software

Typeform, the online form creation company, became a fast scaling company shortly after it was founded in 2012. They had raised $52 million, onboarded top-tier customers like Slack and Superhuman, grew to more than 360 employees internationally. Keeping up with its success meant having a sophisticated finance team to drive better insights into the organization. To ensure the efficient growth of the business, CFO Xavier Castellana turned his attention to the business planning process and decided to adopt automation software to make it faster, more scalable and collaborative.

 🎯  Key Points

  • Preparing monthly actuals for Typeform’s management accounts used to take 2 weeks each month. 16 GSheets had to be manually updated and individually sent to business partners, leaving limited time for analysis.
  • Abacum automated manual tasks and made data ready in a click.
  • Collaboration with budget owners within the platform allowed FP&A to gather information faster and conduct deeper analysis.
  • Improved quality of insights led to better strategic decisions geared towards meeting company operational and financial metrics.

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