How Ironhack automated multi-currency reports with FP&A tools

Ironhack’s FP&A team saved time in the data transformation process and was enabled to build more insightful reports faster with Abacum’s multicurrency support.

How Ironhack automated multi-currency reports with FP&A tools

For Ariel Quiñones and Gonzalo Manrique, founding Ironhack was the realization of their dream to revolutionize the tech-education landscape. In January 2021, they landed a successful $20 million Series B round led by Lumos Capital to accelerate their growth and international expansion. But for María Ares, VP of Finance, and Luis Lin, FP&A, the P&L reporting process was a nightmare. They believed the right automation solution existed, and would allow them to focus more on analysis and insights, and less on manual tasks.

 🎯  Key Points

  • Saving 2 days of manual work each month thanks to having their data preparation and transformation automated.
  • Abacum improved the process of collaboration with business partners.
  • Single source of truth for information, one place to have better and more productive conversations that drive more strategic value
  • Faster P&L reporting process that allowed the team to focus more on analysis and insights that matter to their leadership team and business partners.

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