How Ebury unified multi-market data with FP&A software

Ebury saved 7 days monthly by automating the extraction, transformation, and consolidation of financials across 20+ countries including a business acquisition.

How Ebury Unified Multi-Market  Data with FP&A Software

Since its founding in 2009, Ebury has grown to become one of the largest fintechs worldwide, providing foreign exchange solutions to SMEs. In 2019, Ebury acquired Frontierpay, a payroll payments provider that complicated an already complex fintech business. With 24 offices across North America, LATAM, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific, the task of preparing financial models and consolidating P&Ls fell on two members of the finance team: Ana Muñoz, Head of Corporate Finance, and Maria Lapucci, Corporate Finance Manager. This process took approximately 11 days to complete.

🎯  Key Points

  • Ebury is a complex fintech that is regulated in over 20 markets. Two people were assigned to prepare financial models and consolidate the groups's income statements.
  • The finance team faced 3 main challenges: data extraction, transformation & building of financial models, and multi-market consolidation.
  • Abacum's FP&A Operations team migrated Ebury's complex financial models from Excel into the platform.
  • Ebury's finance team vastly improved their business partnering across the 24 Country Managers & executives by forecasting in Abacum.

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