Transform your investor relations with a best-in-class board reporting software

Automatically update investors and key stakeholders, create your fundraising strategy, and easily report and track all your financial and operational metrics.

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Focus on building trust and support with your investors

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is crucial to keep your board members well-informed. Abacum allows you to share real-time financial and operational data, ensuring your investors consistently have the answers they need. By efficiently streamlining board reporting, you can focus on cultivating trust, building investor confidence, and tackling the most pressing questions for your business. Abacum empowers you to effectively engage with your investors, guaranteeing they are always informed and prepared to offer the operational support your business requires.

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Your board reporting made easy with Abacum

Making sure your investors are up to date should not demand hours of manual work. Abacum enables you to automate and create custom reporting templates. With best-in-class integrations, you can automatically report and visualize financial, operational, or workforce metrics. Robust user permissions allow you to securely manage and share reports with both investors and board members. Crafting an engaging investor update has never been this fast, Abacum allows you to concentrate on the discussion rather than the preparation.

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Your fundraising due-diligence on autopilot

When it comes to fundraising, a clear and compelling financial story and business strategy makes all the difference. Abacum streamlines your fundraising process, turning it into a smooth exercise. By always having up-to-date metrics, you can confidently respond to investor questions, due diligence requests, and more importantly deliver the answers needed to secure your next funding round.

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Financial reports now skip spreadsheets

FP&A software has transformed financial analysis by providing a centralized platform for more accurate and efficient financial consolidation. Abacum’s automation and data validation features can help you save time to focus on what really matters and improve accuracy. With Abacum, you can deliver actionable insights in a visually engaging format that all stakeholders can understand. Don’t get left behind in the spreadsheet dark ages!

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Automate board reporting with direct integrations

Abacum integrates with your existing financial and operational systems to automatically gather and consolidate your metrics and create an insightful performance overview.

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Track all your metrics

Build custom and share ready dashboards that centralize all your data for easy sharing with investors

Update with just one click

Share investor updates with just one click and easily manage access with custom user permissions

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Share investor updates with just one click and easily manage access with custom user permissions

Start having productive board meetings that focus on the discussion not the reporting

Transform your board meeting into your most impactful conversation

With limited resources and an ever-changing market landscape, having an automated board reporting software will significantly impact your decision-making and investor relationships. By leveraging Abacum’s board reporting software, you can start fostering trust, transparency, and execution while accelerating your fundraising efforts. Do not let time-consuming investor reporting processes hold your startup back, start running productive board meetings today.

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Join the companies using Abacum to streamline their board reporting

Join our community to improve your board reporting and be prepared for your meetings.

pablo l green

Diego D.


“Great tool to gather insights and prepare my reporting for investors. I now find it much easier to prepare my reports, which saves me tons of time.”

Small-Business (50 emp.)

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ana muñoz

Ana Muñoz

Head of Corporate Finance

“Abacum helped us automate complicated data sets that were really demanding and helped us work efficiently, even with the same limited resources.”


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Stedwin C.


“The ease of use to sync data and present to stakeholders in a clear, concise, digestible format. Excellent Platform.”

Mid-Market (51-200 emp.)

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