Tech in the city event wrap up 

Tech in the City Event Wrap Up [New York City] |
Abacum team

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May 19, 2022

Tech in the City Event Wrap Up [New York City] |

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A few weeks ago, our team at Abacum hosted our very first in-person event in New York City. Since we just opened our NY office, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow finance friends in the Big Apple. 

Our goal was to bring together thought leaders and finance pros within the tech industry to discuss the fundamentals of forecasting and funding for startups. We were lucky enough to host attendees from companies like Slack, Gong, Chili Piper, and Gusto among many others.

To kick things off, we started the night with a fireside chat between Abacum co-founder Julio Martinez and Capchase co-founder, Miguel Fernandez. Guests had the opportunity to hear personal stories about the lessons, learnings, and challenges these founders faced while building an organization from the ground up.

Topics discussed at our Tech in the City Event include:

  • The journey of founding a company in the middle of a pandemic
  • How to plan for growth in a customer-centered organization
  • Tips on how finance teams can become more of a strategic business partner
  • Advice for early-stage startups about financing

After the discussion, guests had the opportunity to mix and mingle over appetizers and drinks at our networking mixer. We had such a great time meeting guests from all over and cannot wait to continue to build relationships within the NY fintech ecosystem!

Who is Abacum? 

Abacum is a financial planning and analysis software that allows finance teams to streamline their entire FP&A process through automation and collaboration. Abacum’s intuitive solution integrates with an organization’s tech stack and pulls data into a centralized platform, creating a single source of truth for the organization. From there, finance teams can conduct their monthly, quarterly, and yearly workflows in a fraction of the time it would normally take them.

Who is Capchase? 

Capchase is a financial solution that helps SaaS companies access recurring revenue to grow their business. At its core, Capchase revolves around financing, expense management, revenue management, treasury management, and FinOps. By streamlining the funding process for founders, Capchase helps scaling SaaS startups grow and develop faster and more efficiently. 

All in all, we had an amazing time hosting finance professionals.

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