Employee Spotlight: Analisa Carbone

The Employee Spotlight series, where we ask one employee of a few questions about themselves. Meet our amazing Venezuelan-Italian Senior Back-End Developer.

Our Employee Spotlight puts a focus on the talented, ambitious and fun members that make up Abacum's family. Each week, we'll interview one employee and discover their Abacum story and get to know them a little better.

First up... Analisa! She's a kickass member of our Engineering Team always working hard to get our product up and running smoothly for our clients.

On how she learned about Abacum.

At that moment, I needed a real challenge and a place to grow properly, in the right direction, by building an incredible product and working with a nice team. An acquaintance who knew this introduced me to Julio, and when I met him and Jorge, I felt Abacum could bring me all of that I was looking for and more. I was hooked by the clear vision of the problem real finance people face and the product they needed to create to solve it and by the incredible mix between their experience and youthful mentality. I also felt that the people I met while interviewing were good people to work with (and I wasn't disappointed 🙂 ) and that Abacum was a safe and enjoyable place.

What she enjoys most about working for Abacum.

Wow, several things 😁. The quality of the people I work with, in all teams, this is for sure! We always have such good vibes and fellowship. It is also exciting to build a complex and incredible product while being flexible enough to meet the needs of the finance professional. We get to see how it is really changing lives and making people's time more productive and meaningful. I definitely like the feeling I have starting every Monday and ending every Friday. 🚀

Her superhero powers would be...

Hahaha that's a difficult one. Something related to having a good memory, to looking 3 steps ahead, or to my ability to switch over several things very quickly. 😅

3 Fun facts:

  • Detailed and analytical: why something happens / how to make things happen.
  • Talkative since I was a little child. 😅
  • Can beat Julio (co-founder) in a gladiator fight. 💪🏻

Where you'll most likely find her.

The beach in summer. Cooking and having some friends at home and ending a lot of my conversations about languages, cultures, and idioms. We have a lot of them in my country! Haha!


At Abacum we try to have fun every day and find ways to help each other. Our values include having good people and giving honest feedback. If you want to be part of the team check our open positions. Who knows! You could be the next one featured in the Employee Spotlight.

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